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March 8, 2001

STS-102, ISS-5A.1. Twenty-ninth Flight of Shuttle Discovery. Ninth Manned Flight to the ISS.

STS-102 unofficial crew photo

Uploaded: ISS Expedition 2

Downloaded: ISS Expedition 1

STS-100 Mission Patch

April 19, 2001

STS-100, ISS-6A Sixteenth Flight of Shuttle Endeavour. Tenth Manned Flight to the ISS. (Eleventh Manned Flight to the ISS was Soyuz TM-32).

STS-100 Crew Photo

July 12, 2001

STS-104, ISS-7A. Twenty-fourth Flight of Shuttle Atlantis. Twelfth Manned Flight to the ISS.

STS-104 unofficial crew photo

August 10, 2001

Expedition Two Crew Patch.

STS-105, ISS-7A.1. Thirtieth Flight of Shuttle Discovery. Thirteenth Manned Flight to the ISS. (Fourteenth Manned Flight to the ISS was Soyuz TM-33).

STS-105 Official Crew Portrait

Uploaded: ISS Expedition 3

Downloaded: ISS Expedition 2

Expedition 4 Crew Patch.

December 5, 2001

STS-108, ISS-UF1. Seventeenth Flight of Shuttle Endeavour. Fifteenth Manned Flight to the ISS.

STS-108 Official Crew Portrait

Uploaded: ISS Expedition 4

Yuri Onufriyenko (cos-RSA)
Carl E. Walz

Daniel W. Bursch

Downloaded: ISS Expedition 3

March 1, 2002

STS-109, Twenty-seventh Flight of Shuttle Columbia, Hubble servicing mission.

STS-109 Official Crew Portrait

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